Brafton’s Weekly Content Marketing Roundup features the latest news and trends in the world of content marketing. This week we’re checking out stories about marketing mistakes, the difference between a brand and a business, how to maximize video marketing ROI, what “Game of Thrones” can teach us about marketing and much more.

How does your brand management strategy stack up?Brand blunders

Who doesn’t love a little schadenfreude from time to time? Allow Brafton Director of Digital Marketing Strategy Jeff Baker to walk you through his top-five marketing screw-ups of all time. Come for the cringe comedy, stay for the lessons you’ll learn. Hey, even poisonous pool parties offer a teachable moment or two. Read on.

Skillful with schema

If you’re not leveraging schema markup, you’re missing out. Allow this article from Search Engine Journal to remind you of exactly what this form of microdata is and how it can help boost your search engine optimization efforts. You don’t have to be a technical whiz to gain the benefits of schema markup with this handy dandy guide. Give it a look.

Brand vs. business

The terms “brand” and “business” are often used interchangeably. I’ve been known to do it myself from time to time. That said, it’s important to understand the difference between your business and your brand. Check out this article to find out where the distinction lies, as well as how to maximize the power of your brand development. Click here for more.

Marketing mavens

Is your marketing team among the cream of the crop? Citing data from a recent Salesforce report, MarketingProfs spotlighted what differentiates high-performing marketing teams from their low-performing competitors. Would you believe customer experience and alignment with sales are both priorities for top performers? Get the scoop.

Most prospects would rather engage with video marketing.Video is vital

Brafton has created another eBook designed to help you maximize content marketing return on investment, this one geared toward video content. Give our accompanying blog post a gander to answer some common questions and eliminate any hesitation you might have about the importance of investing in video. You can’t afford to fall behind. See the full story.

Paid search problems

Not exactly a paid search expert? Don’t beat yourself up. We’re not all born with paid search knowledge in our bones. Fortunately, Pauline Jakober of Search Engine Land is here to help you identify and avoid the major mistakes paid search novices run into. From making decisions before you have all the data to not bidding on brand, never make these errors again. Learn more.

Marketing and Mace Tyrell

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” can teach you a lot, and not just about sex, violence and the endlessly complicated politics possible in fantasy fiction. With the show set to make a return soon, we figured there was no better time to relay what George R.R. Martin’s epic story has taught us about the world of marketing. You know nothing, reader (yet). Find out more.

Traffic totals

Ever wondered what industries see the most online traffic? Or which websites see the greatest shares of the traffic market? Well, wonder no more. A recent report from Moz breaks down the data and provides you with some actionable insights for how to use it. For instance, are you using Wikipedia as a traffic generation channel? Didn’t think so! See what you’re missing.

And so another week of content marketing goodness has come and gone. Come back next Friday for more of the best news and trends from around the web.

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