Brafton’s Weekly Content Marketing Roundup features the latest news and trends in the world of content marketing. This week we’re exploring headlines about lead generation, the current state of digital marketing and much more.

Solid social media strategy leaves the right first impression.Transforming likes into leads

Having a large, engaged following on social media is one thing, but how do you turn social posts into conversions? Brafton Social Media Manager Allie Stone is here to help you do just that. Spoiler alert: It’s going to cost you. But turn that frown upside down – we’ll show you how to spend smart. Read on to find out more.

The science of quality

We’re not the only ones beating the quality-over-quantity drum! Writing for Search Engine Land, Dave Davies recently outlined why content quality is so important in today’s marketing landscape. Strap in for a heavy dose of machine learning and search engine ranking metrics. Mmm, your favorite! Check it out here.

The value of social embeds in your contentEnhance with embeds

It’s no secret that visuals are an integral part of successful content marketing, but there’s a whole world to consider beyond photos. Brafton’s Tressa Sloane recently broke down how social media embeds can take your content to the next level. Whether you’re looking to build relationships or improve engagement, there’s an embed for that. Find out more here.

Survey spectacular

Interested what others in the digital marketing space are up to? Look no further than Search Engine Journal’s 2017 State of Digital Marketing report. You’ll find takeaways for everything from SEO to PPC, as well as current trends in social media and content marketing. Go ahead, we know you’re curious. Get the full story.

Timing is everything

Think you’ve got your social strategy down pat? Think again. Every platform has its own intricacies, and timing plays a major role in how your content will perform. Check out our gifographic (yes, that’s a real word!) to see when you should be posting on different networks. Hurry up – time’s running out! See what you’re missing here.


It’s every marketer’s worst nightmare: One day you’re riding high atop Google’s search engine results pages, the next you’ve sunk like a stone in the sea. Fret not, for Moz is here to save the day. Kristina Kledzik details how to figure out what went wrong, as well as how to recover from an SEO rankings drop. Give it a read!

Understanding social media's impact on SEO doesn't require a tin foil hat.Conspiracies exposed!

Forget government cover-ups and aliens in New Mexico – the real conspiracy is Google claiming social media doesn’t directly influence search engine optimization. Or at least that’s what some people believe. Take a breath and read our exposé on social’s relationship to SEO. You’ll be glad you did. Read more.

Living for leads

Brand awareness and thought leadership are well and good, but most businesses have the same question: Which marketing channels will help me generate leads? The team at MarketingProfs recently shared research from DemandWave detailing which channels drive the most leads for marketers. Turns out email is No. 1, but organic search is close behind. See the full picture here.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week, folks. Check back next Friday for more of our favorite content marketing stories from around the web.

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