Technical SEO Audits

To fully understand the strengths and weakness of your SEO strategy, you need a top-to-bottom audit that goes deeper than traditional SEO.

Whether it’s On- or Off-Page SEO, Local SEO or International SEO, your expert marketing consultant has the industry experience, digital tools and technical mastery to ensure every component of your website is singularly focused on one thing: driving revenue.

Projects can range from one-off page-specific audits to comprehensive sitewide overhauls.

If it’s broken, we fix it. If it’s outdated, we optimize it.

Site Crawls

Putting the most advanced Technical SEO software to work for you, we determine the most pressing SEO issues currently facing your site, prioritize them into actionable recommendations and can manually implement all changes.

Fixing targeted site errors after a site crawl immediately improves your visibility in SERPs and allows bots to better understand your content and its value to searchers.

With a clean bill of site health, your content is now in perfect position to rank higher, generate click-throughs and produce leads for your business.

User Experience

As search engines evolve to more closely match human search intent, user experience is a more powerful organic ranking factor than ever.

Using heatmapping, split-testing and other UX enhancement methods, we convert your site into an asset that’s technically sound, visually appealing and conversation-rate optimized.


Brafton covers all your digital bases by keeping your site crawlable by search engines. This allows your web pages to be properly indexed in organic search results. Or, if there are pages that shouldn’t be indexed, such as duplicate content, your consultant can quickly set up redirects or canonical tags.

That high-quality content you’ve invested in now has the best chance of meeting Google ranking criteria.

XML Sitemaps

Consistency in backend site quality is key to sending the right signals to search engines. XML sitemaps provide additional context about how your site is structured and how page hierarchies relate to each other.

Following sitemap best practices keeps your web pages properly categorized in Google Search Console and distinguishes between utility and search landing pages.

Metadata Analysis

Metadata’s role in search is just as important as visible, on-page content.

Our consulting team conducts in-depth analyses of your site’s metadata, implements schema markup and formulates clear tagging structures for greater SERP visibility.

By matching metadata to valuable search terms, your site communicates more clearly to search engines on the content, context and intent of your web pages.

Link Structure Optimization

Internal and external links are weighted differently by search engines, so structuring each practice accordingly is a must.

Consultants analyze and optimize anchor text, internal links, source codes and more to enhance site navigation and lead-generation potential.

Custom SEO Tech Support and Implementation

Technical SEO consulting is available on your terms and to suit your specific business needs.