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GA4 Setup: Get Started in 9 Essential Steps


Google Analytics 4 (GA4) officially replaced Universal Analytics in July 2023, and it wasn’t a smooth transition. Unless you switched to the new Google Analytics, your analytics simply stopped processing […]

Mastering Analytics: How To Leverage Looker Studio for GA4 Data Insights


If you’re in marketing, gathering data can make you feel like a kid at the ice cream shop. You start out excited by the variety but equally overwhelmed by the […]

GA4 Conversion Rate: Everything You Need To Know


Understanding your website’s performance is vital, and one key metric to keep a keen eye on is the conversion rate. With the introduction of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), things have […]

How To Check Keyword Ranking On Google


Knowing where your website appears in Google’s search results is essential because it has a direct bearing on the performance of your digital marketing and is also a crucial sign […]

GA4 360 Explained: Analytics 360 Vs. GA4 Standard


These days, it’s not unusual for organizations to operate on a “freemium”-type business model. This means that, in general, a company will provide a service for free, but it often […]

GA4 Path Exploration: What It Is and How to Use It


Have you ever walked through a forest or somewhere else equally verdant (perhaps even foreboding), only to notice a well-trodden trail right through the middle of it, or off to […]

Everything You Need To Know About GA4 Engaged Sessions


GA4 engaged sessions are one way to measure website activity and visitor intent. Learn how to use this metric for your marketing with this guide.

The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming HTTP 410 Errors


Learn how to fix this issue to enhance your website’s SEO and ensure a smoother user experience.

How Often Does Google Analytics Update? What To Know (and When To Act)


Google Analytics updates every 24-48 hours, so your strategy planning must work with that. Here’s how.