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    Why a “good” average time on site doesn’t exist


    Take a look at why getting hung up on having a “good” average time on site hinders your marketing progress.

    Why content marketing is better than static websites


    Still using a static website? Find out why it’s hurting your SEO strategy and your brand.

    Over and around: Andrew Walters on Brafton Consulting


    Brafton’s Consulting department works tirelessly to improve our clients’ marketing efforts. Meet the man leading the charge.

    How to deal with 6 common engagement analytics problems


    Low time-on-page, high bounce rates, and sudden dips in traffic. Here’s how to deal with these, and other common engagement analytics issues.

    Build your buyer personas with real user data from social media


    You know the value of audience personas, but building them can be a struggle. Here’s how to put your social presence to work to mine data.

    How to find out what your audience is actually searching for


    Take a closer look into analyzing audience search behavior to improve your keyword strategy.

    2016 Marketing trends: Rethinking keyword strategies #12daysofcontent


    What should a 2016 keyword strategy look like? Here’s our advice for marketers who want to understand how people are searching for their business online.

    2016 Content trends: Use competitive analysis to create better-than-the-rest content, #12daysofcontent


    Smart competitive analysis can help you unlock content opportunities to fill gaps in the conversation. Brafton Consulting Director Natalie Grogan’s sharing three things to incorporate in your competitive analysis.

    2016 Content marketing trends: Tech for better content integration, #12daysofcontent


    Most brands don’t have the ability to seamlessly integrate content onto their websites. Vice President of Product Meredith Farley’s offering Brafton’s solution.