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Content Distribution Dominick Sorrentino

Does your B2B social marketing strategy stack up?

Humans are social creatures because they need to be. Our hominid ancestors learned quickly that they could share food, care for their young and fend off predators and rival tribes more effectively in social groups. We haven’t changed much for several millennia in this regard. But we have vastly expanded our social reach and the… Read more »

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Content Distribution Andrew Barks

3 lessons hip-hop has taught us about content marketing

Who is Mike Jones? Petey Pablo with better branding, basically. In many ways, the very concept of “marketing” is antithetical to the artistic purity some musical acts hold dear. Mike Jones was not the first, but maybe the most egregious example of a rapper turning that ethos on its head, using content to not only… Read more »

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Content Distribution Walt Clark

Why frequency matters for your Facebook ads

How many times do customers need to see an ad before they buy? Advertising has been around as long as humans have existed – yeah, we’re talking about cavemen. However, it is only in the last 200 years that it has taken on greater focus and serious study. Consider Thomas Smith’s 1885 explanation of “Successful… Read more »

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