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3 lessons hip-hop has taught us about content marketing


Who is Mike Jones? Petey Pablo with better branding, basically. In many ways, the very concept of “marketing” is antithetical to the artistic purity some musical acts hold dear. Mike […]

Top free tools every content marketer should know about


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to develop a great content marketing strategy. In fact, many tools are available for my all-time favorite price: zero dollars.

First date to soulmate: How to find your perfect marketing partner


Considering a relationship with a marketing partner is a big decision. Maybe it’s your first time, you’re a bit green, not sure what to expect. Maybe it’s not your first […]

Why frequency matters for your Facebook ads


How many times do customers need to see an ad before they buy? Advertising has been around as long as humans have existed – yeah, we’re talking about cavemen. However, […]

How to propel your brand forward with content distribution


You’ve got great content, but are you getting great traction? Here is your guide on how to get your content in front of your audience with the right distribution methods.

5 secrets for storytelling in the age of marketing automation


By Lee Hsieh, Digital Marketing Senior Manager at AIG Some marketing lessons never go out of style. Case in point: Effective storytelling remains a cornerstone of any successful content marketing strategy. […]

Are your ad dollars going to Tinder instead of Facebook?


It’s a typical post-workout Wednesday evening and you’ve settled into watching mindless television. You pull out your phone and think, “What’s my weekend plan? Perhaps I should try to find […]

How to flex your subject matter expertise with content marketing


Do you want your audience to rely on your brand as an authoritative voice? Then you’ve got to put your subject matter expertise to the test.

How to differentiate your brand from your founder


Ninety percent of American businesses are family-owned and operated, and many utilize their founders as the cornerstone of their brand. Even large, well-known brands like Harpo and Bloomberg are synonymous […]