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Content management software: What is it and why should you care?


Don’t overlook the importance of that other CMS – content management software – and its impact on your content marketing efforts.

A marketer’s guide to the best content management systems (infographic)


The wrong CMS could severely impede your content marketing strategies, so do your homework before deciding which system will work best for your business goals.

How to optimize your social media channels (plus best practices you can actually use)


How do you get the most out of your Instagram account? How do you convert LinkedIn followers into customers? You’re not on MySpace still, are you?

30 ways to win at blog promotion


Ever hear of Whole30? This is sort of like that, only not at all. You can eat whatever you want and you learn all about blog promotion.

Content Curation: When, Why and How


Curated blog, email and social content may be your ticket to marketing success.

Beating the algorithm: 6 tips for Facebook marketing mastery


Staying relevant as a brand with the new Facebook algorithm is still certainly possible, but it will require some changes to your social content strategy in order to boost organic performance. Here are six tips that can help do just that.

Influencer marketing campaigns, the basics


Put your brand in front of a larger audience by getting influencers on your side.

Social media FAQs: What marketers want to know about social media best practices


Social media is a critical part of the content marketing process. Without it, you won’t be heard. But if you do it, you must do it well. But how? We answer these questions and more.

5 ways to promote your content like a pro


Promotion is the step many companies fail at when it comes to content marketing. Here, we’ll talk about the top five ways in which you can connect your audience with your content.