Lauren Kaye

In 2014, companies need to stop saying they’ll think like publishers and start acting like them. Brands that see the best online results use a diversified content strategy to reach different types of customers and achieve unique goals. That’s why Brafton is taking this holiday season to present the #12DaysOfContent, highlighting a range of formats that can fuel your brand to win new business in the new year. Each day, we’ll offer insights on a different content type to add to your marketing mix, and on today’s first day of content, we present one of our most popular formats – analytical news articles.

No matter where your allegiances lie – #TeamTraditionalJournalism or #TeamDigitalPublishing – it’s becoming an undeniable fact that news is moving online, and so are readers. Latest counts reveal 111 million Americans get their news fix on the ‘net, and many people start their online news searches with Google.

Brands are key players in the movement that’s made digital news mainstream, and we’ve seen SEO and engagement wins firsthand. Click the video to watch our interview about Analytical News content with Content Marketing Strategist Corbin Faber.

Companies can build SEO and earn search clicks by publishing timely industry content that’s thoroughly researched and offers unique insights. These pieces are crafted by writers deeply immersed within a certain (sometimes niche) field, who have the subject matter expertise and skill to pick up news leads and create highly relevant narratives that offer readers valuable information.

Why add news into your content marketing mix?

Analytical news is one of the many digital tools companies need in their belts if they want to build a strong foundation on the web. By reporting on trending topics, timely events and breaking news that are relevant to a specific industry, companies insert themselves in highly visible conversations and create a distinct brand voice through ongoing coverage.

Traffic-building and engagement-friendly, good news writing goes a long way in content marketing. The additional exposure surrounding these buzzworthy topics will help to get more eyes on a page, giving news content the audience it deserves. Once articles have already captured the interest of news-hungry online readers, brands can direct that traffic deeper into their websites for further reading (and lead generation opportunities).

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Analytical news coverage is one of the best ways for brands to generate leads and build a stronger presences online, while offering internet users value. Brafton’s Content Marketing Strategists and Editorial teams can help you find the right angle to enter industry conversations and bring qualified audiences.

Have questions for our news coverage consultant, Corbin? Contact us, drop a line in the comments section below, and stay tuned for what’s up next in the 12 days of content. Follow along or tell us about your favorite formats with the hashtag #12DaysOfContent.