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What Is a Customer Archetype and How Do You Make One?


Understand the behaviors and personalities of your core customer segments by creating and leveraging customer archetypes. Here’s how.

The Best Marketing Team Structures (8 Key Roles)


Marketing teams come in all shapes and sizes, but all great teams possess certain defining values, functions and dynamics. Let’s find out what gold-medal marketing teams are made of.

5 Solar Marketing Strategies That Work


Learn how to optimize your solar marketing strategies to stay ahead (and be successful) in a rapidly growing solar industry.

15 Organic Lead Generation Tactics (+ Lead Nurture Tips)


Discover how you can supercharge your organic lead generation efforts with these helpful tips and tricks.

How to Make a Buyer Journey Map for Your Brand


Here’s your quick guide to buyer journey mapping — including step-by-step instructions and examples to follow.

When (And How) to Hire a Conversion Optimization Consultant


Wondering how a conversion optimization consultant can help your business? Discover when it makes sense to partner with a pro — and how to go about it.

12 B2B Marketing Trends You Need To Know in 2022 (Infographic)


This year is likely to be one of great change and experimentation for B2B brands.

Distribution Channel Strategy: Your Go-To Guide (Infographic)


What are the different distribution channels you should be using in your organization? Learn how you can develop an efficient channel strategy.

11 Types of Marketing That Should Be on Your Radar (With Examples) (Infographic)


There’s way more than 11 types of marketing, but this is a good place to start if you don’t have time to read a book this afternoon.