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    Lead conversion: Strategies, metrics and more


    A lead conversion occurs when a prospect takes a desired action, including making a purchase. Here’s everything you need to know about lead conversion.

    Social advocacy in marketing, explained


    Think people are talking behind your business’s back? You’re right. Learn how to turn traditional brand advocacy into a game-changing social venture.

    What is a customer archetype and how do you make one?


    A customer archetype is a powerful customer segmentation technique that helps you understand how customers perceive their professional or personal role.

    The basic ingredients of a restaurant marketing plan


    Marketing a restaurant has a few fundamental distinctions from marketing in other industries.

    What Is ABM, and Is It Right for You?


    Account-based marketing is the newest strategy for today’s top B2B organizations. But who is it for? Does it work?

    How to create an audience profile in 5 steps (+ examples)


    As long as there is marketing to be done, the trusty audience profile will be there to help you reach the right audience.

    SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool: How to develop an enchanted content strategy (tutorial)


    Learn how to create a competitive keyword strategy with the SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool.

    7 of the most innovative marketing strategies (infographic)


    Just a good old-fashioned ‘best-of’ post that pays homage to brilliant marketing campaigns from Cisco, Whil., GE, Expedia and more.

    What to expect from Brafton content marketing during COVID-19


    At Brafton, our two key priorities are maintaining the health and safety of our staff, and effectively supporting you and your business’ marketing efforts. Here’s what we are doing at a company-wide level to achieve these goals.