Brafton’s Weekly Content Marketing Roundup features the latest news and trends in the world of content marketing. This week, we’re diving into strange social stats, how to increase blog engagement and a whole lot more.

Turn negative feedback into a winTurn a social media frown upside down

Social media sites are associated with the word “like,” but they also see their fair share of negative comments. So what happens when you get negative feedback on social media? In this piece, we explore the best practices you can take to turn a negative experience into a positive one. Read more!

Searcher stats to inform your strategy

Search behavior and intent play vital roles when it comes to developing a content strategy. This article from Moz details various statistics on searcher behavior that provide insight into how individuals use search engines, including the fact that YouTube is used more often than Bing to conduct searches. Explore all the data.

close the gap with mid-funnel contentThe mid-funnel content bridge

If you’re focusing mainly on top-of-funnel content to bring in visitors and convert them, chances are your lead gen efforts are not where you want them to be. Brafton’s Director of Digital Marketing Strategy Jeff Baker dives into why first impressions are the most important and why creating mid-funnel content is the bridge to more conversions. Close the gap today.

Make your content shine on LinkedIn

These days, LinkedIn isn’t only for networking – the professional social site has quickly become an effective content publishing platform. This piece from the Content Marketing Institute explores the data behind this growth and covers what marketers need to know about promoting their content on the social network. Learn more.

Strange social stats

Oddball social media stats [infographic]

Did you ever want to know how long it would take to watch the number of Snapchats sent in an entire day, or which common household item has been surpassed by smartphones in terms of use? Brafton’s latest infographic covers some weird and interesting facts about social media use in 2017. See the infographic!

Boosting your blog engagement

When it comes to making content more engaging, including visuals and creating clickable headlines are just a few tricks of the trade. This article from Search Engine Journal offers some more proven tactics for meeting your engagement goals, such as focusing on user experience and involving your readers more. Check out the rest.

To outsource or not?Striking the content marketing balance

Many marketers may think that they either must keep their content marketing entirely in-house or completely outsourced, but Brafton CEO Richard Pattinson argues this isn’t true at all. In the latest blog for his Leading Edge series, Richard discusses why and how companies can rely on agencies to perform essential functions of their marketing strategies while also keeping certain efforts internal. Find out more!

That’s all we’ve got for this week. Be sure to come back next Friday to discover the latest updates and news in content marketing.

Tressa Sloane is the Sr. Manager of Editorial Development in Boston. Born a Southern belle, she now resides in the chilly (but wicked awesome) Northeast, and when she's not learning everything she can about content marketing, she's obsessing over Elvis, Auburn football and France.