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    A picture is worth 1,000 keywords: Optimize graphics for SEO


    Text isn’t the only way to increase the search visibility of your site. Graphics can help too. Here are our 6 tips for increasing the SEO of your images.

    Take a peek inside the day of a graphic designer


    Ever wonder what graphic designers do all day? Boston-based designer Alison Eagle paints the picture quite literally in this infographic.

    8 approaches to graphics that will boost your brand’s engagement


    Visuals tell a story better than text and help your content engage your readers. Here’s a look at how your graphics can boost engagement.

    CTA optimization Part 2: Simple ways to create great CTA UX


    Graphic design on a budget is intimidating, but designing CTAs with an aim for engagement & conversions has never been easier.

    2016 Content Trends: Why visuals should lead your strategy, #12daysofcontent


    Brafton Illustrator Rohn Dungee’s sharing why visual content and custom illustrations should be in your content marketing strategy for 2016.

    The marketing value of a website redesign


    How to know if your website is outdated, and what Brafton’s UX specialists suggest to be included in your website redesign.

    13 Visual metaphors to take your Shutterstock photos from basic to bomb


    Brands don’t build awareness when they pick cliche, overused stock photos for their blog content. Here are 13 alternatives to add variety and intrigue to your marketing content.

    How graphics can lift website engagement 225%


    One Brafton client added custom graphics to its blog and nearly tripled engagement. Here’s a look inside the strategy, with tips for your marketing.

    Make a boring business beautiful with infographic marketing


    Infographic marketing can help any business – no matter how technical or niche – spice up its web presence with attractive visuals that tell an interesting story.