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    Driving Home Quality Customer Experience With Kayleigh Kent


    Brafton Director of Customer Experience Kayleigh Kent has a go-go-go attitude when meeting her clients’ needs. This is key to her success at Brafton.

    Social Media Success With Jess


    When Jessica Caroll isn’t obsessing over her dog, she’s slaying social strategy.

    Finding the essence of account management with Tricia Gardiner


    Brafton Account Director Tricia Gardiner has mastered the art of masterminding content strategies so perfectly suited for clients that they come back time and again. What’s her secret? Let her tell you.

    Calling the shots: Alex Rowinski’s approach to project management


    Learn the art of project management from Senior Project Manager Alex Rowinski, who applies an attitude honed on the soccer field to forging successful customer relationships.

    Creativity, content and comics with Chris Hassan


    From writing news and content to editing and management, Chris Hassan has become a household name at Brafton.

    Digging into graphic design with Tim Olech


    His graphic design interest goes back to his high school days, but Tim’s creativity and work ethic are as fresh as ever.

    Solving problems via video with Ian Servin


    As Brafton’s creative director of video, Ian Servin knows how powerful a problem-solving tool video can really be. Read more about his views and advice on creating video content.

    Content marketing across hemispheres with Kane Trezona


    Project Manager Kane Trezona bridges the gap between Boston and Brafton’s Aussie clients; here’s what he says is the most important skill for project management.

    Getting social with Courtney Karpiej


    From a PR agency and local newspaper, to a jewelry store and staffing agency, Courtney Karpiej has shared her social media skills among various industries.