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    Why Real Estate Video Marketing Is Essential in 2021


    Video drives reliable lead generation in real estate marketing. In this guide, we’ll examine what types of video to create, and how to make and share them with your audiences.

    Animated Infographics: 6 Stunning Examples from B2B and B2C Brands (+ Takeaways)


    These best-in-class animated infographics bring branded content to life. Here are our favorite examples, tools and takeaways.

    8 Types of Podcasts: The Complete Guide to Audio Content Marketing


    Ready to amplify your brand by starting a new podcast? Learn about the 8 types of podcasts and how to choose the right fit for your target audience.

    5 of the best testimonial videos to inspire your own


    We’re firm believers in the marketing potential of each and every well-crafted video testimonial we’ve observed. Here are a few of our favorites.

    A straightforward guide to making money with YouTube affiliate marketing


    Great YouTube content is more than a chance to showcase expertise and build brand awareness: It’s also an opportunity to earn money. Here’s how it works.

    A content marketer’s guide to video distribution


    Video distribution is every bit as important as video production. Here’s how to do it right, on your own website and on social media.

    6 hotel video marketing strategies to try


    Here are six types of video content for hotels to use in their marketing campaigns.

    The content marketing GIF era is upon us and you don’t want to miss out


    As amusing and relevant visual elements of digital communication, GIFs are powerful tools for marketers. Here’s more on when, how and where to use GIFs in your content marketing strategy.

    By the numbers: Ranking the most popular SNL videos of all time (infographic)


    America’s venerable sketch comedy show has seen its fair share of hilarious skits over the years, but which ones have really found a digital audience?