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12 Video Ideas for Any B2B Business (With Examples) [Infographic]


Learn why video is such an important component of marketing strategies – and watch the examples that prove why B2B brands can’t afford to be camera shy.

The Corporate Video Production Compendium: How to Win Business With Video


Corporate video production enables companies to showcase their strengths both internally and externally, gaining traction to win new business.

A New Way to Get Noticed on YouTube — Handles


YouTube just rolled out a new way to find an account — through its unique handle. But what is a YouTube handle, and how can your brand use this feature?

Animation Services: How Much Do They Cost and Why


Animation services have a cost range depending on the type of animation used — but their results can be priceless. Dive into general animation pricing here.

How to Write a Script for a YouTube Video: Tips and Best Practices


Wondering how to create YouTube videos like the pros? You’re in the right place. Read on for tips on writing scripts for maximum engagement and impact!

How to Create an Event Video That Draws (In-Person and Virtual) Crowds


From pre-production to distribution and marketing, captivate audiences with your next event video! Learn tips and tricks that will take your project to new heights.

How Long Should a YouTube Video Be?


How long should a YouTube video be? The short answer: It depends. Here’s everything you need to know about crafting the perfect YouTube videos.

The Animated Infographic: 6 Stunning Examples From B2B and B2C Brands (+Takeaways)


An animated infographic can help you stand out in the flood of online content. Follow these top tips and examples to craft your own!

8 Types of Podcasts: The Complete Guide to Audio Content Marketing (Infographic)


Ready to amplify your brand by starting a new podcast? Learn about the 8 types of podcasts and how to choose the right fit for your target audience.