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    Staying ahead of social media trends with Rachel Moskowitz


    If you’ve ever doubted the power of social media, just listen to what strategist Rachel Moskowitz has to say.

    Class Is in Session With Dave Snyder


    As the Assistant Director of Project Management, Dave lends his writing, editing and content marketing knowhow to anyone who needs it, including writers, designers and project managers grappling with tricky client requests and high subject-matter expertise demands.

    Family Reach: Brafton’s charity of the year


    Family Reach helps families fight cancer. Brafton reaches audiences with engaging content. Together, we form a spirited partnership.

    Going places with Alexandra Fetherston


    Adding countries to her travel bucket list, churning out killer marketing strategies and (potentially) making it to a work out class: An average day for Brafton’s Alex Fetherston.

    Experienced writer finds his niche


    After seven years and counting as a member of Brafton’s editorial team, Ben, a senior writer specializing in real estate, relishes the task of creating new and engagement-driven content.

    Tracing Brafton’s history with Patrycja Podrazik


    From a tiny office to modern-day marketing splendor, Patrycja Podrazik’s seen it all. She currently works in video, which she says is an important style of content you shouldn’t miss out on.

    Strumming up a story with Josh Breeden


    When it comes to writing as a content marketer, Josh understands the importance of using keywords. But there’s nothing more he enjoys than sharing a customer’s story or writing pure, honest content that readers can understand and relate to.

    Christina Mowry has the eye of the tiger


    Christina, a Senior Content Marketing Strategist at Brafton, isn’t just a winner in the boxing ring. She’s also a veritable Rocky Balboa of content, a hero who works tirelessly to help her clients overcome marketing obstacles.

    7 years of killer content courtesy of Nick K


    Brafton lead technology writer Nick Kakolowski is no John Wick; he’s never killed anyone with a pencil. But he is a man of great focus. And every weekday for the…

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