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Helping you wade through these uncertain waters with the best guidance our team of marketing experts can offer.

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How To Host a Virtual Conference on a Shoe-String Budget (Infographic)

Interest in virtual events is spiking and video-conferencing services are currently free or discounted. So what are you waiting for?

Marketing During A Global Crisis: A 5-Step Guide (Infographic)

Does it feel like you’re walking on eggshells right now? On one hand, you want to keep your job,  because..

Agile content marketing: The key to getting through the next 6 months

Agility and flexibility will help see you through the uncertainty ahead.

Brafton’s playbook for reopening

We’ve compiled a list of our priorities for the coming months that you can use as a possible template for your own path forward.

Content marketing in a crisis: Do’s and don’ts

Understanding what not to do is often far more crucial than what to do when it comes to dealing with a global pandemic that’s affected the world in more ways than one.

Another week, another round of companies that keep on giving

Even as many parts of the world commence reopening, some companies continue to offer a helping hand wherever they can.

Tips to help you nurture creativity in quarantine

There’s a lot you can do to cultivate creativity while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. Here are just a few ideas:

Status check: What should marketers be doing as we start re-opening?

Do what you can to facilitate engagement while still being very mindful of where we are collectively right now with this pandemic.

3 enlightening marketing campaigns that came out of a crisis

These marketing lessons will outlast COVID-19.

How ‘not’ to write your emails during a global crisis

Wondering how you can keep your conversation relevant while not sounding like an opportunist? Take a look at these handy tips.

These businesses are giving away free or discounted virtual-conference services

This week’s roundup of helpers recognizes businesses that are making it easier to host virtual events on a budget.

How to use your free time to become a better digital marketer

Think of this as your very own digital marketing course curriculum.

Should you bother with keyword research right now?

The answer: Yes, but with a different set of goals in mind.

For these small businesses, kindness is immune to COVID-19

From Nottingham to New York City, many small businesses have demonstrated ingenuity, resilience and, above all, goodwill in the face of adversity.

Read this before reallocating any marketing spend

If you’re considering making marketing cuts, make sure your decisions are highly informed.

Answers to your top marketing questions right now

As you trudge deeper into uncharted marketing territory, you probably have marketing questions, and we hopefully have the answers.

Digital content and charity meet halfway in this week’s roundup of helpers

There are so many ways digital content adds value to the world right now. Here are just a few examples for inspiration.

3 of the best types of content to create through Q3

Maintaining engagement will be crucial in the next few months. Here are the best ways to stay connected with your audience through Q3.

Constraints probably make you a better marketer

If there is any positive to take from the coronavirus crisis, it’s that you’ve likely been forced to rebuild your marketing framework without any fluff.

Survey results: How marketers are changing their activities in response to the pandemic

To put it mildly, a lot has changed very quickly in the past month for marketers, and there’s almost certainly more change ahead.

How to ‘be helpful’ first in a rapidly changing marketing environment

Most marketers are wondering how they can add value to their company, to their customers and to the world at large. Here’s our take.

Opinion: Are we really forever changed by COVID-19?

People are trying their best to predict what our coronavirus-free future will look like, and what aspects of our behavior and culture are going to be changed forever.

How to communicate with your clients right now

Every single client communication for the next few weeks – maybe months – is with a person enduring a pandemic first, and a customer, second.

Ingenious ways businesses are responding to this pandemic

From ice cream delivery to light-hearted web content for WFH-weary workers, these responses to COVID-19 are nothing short of ingenious.

Tips for rerouting your trade show spend during the quarantine

Whatever you do now in place of live events, it has to be digital.

Weekly Roundup: A handful of businesses and a whole lotta health care supplies

Sherwin-Williams, McDonalds and too many hotels to count are helping health care workers so they can help everyone else.

How technology and digital content connect us in our new remote-first reality

Just because we’re physically separated for the sake of public health doesn’t mean that we can’t join together and unite using digital channels.

Social during a public health pandemic: Some tips, guidance and words of wisdom

There are numerous mistakes brands could potentially make with their social presence during this time.

Weekly Roundup: 3 companies lending a helping hand right now

Mattel, KFC and Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts are leaning on their strengths to help the people who need it most right now.

Why businesses should use digital marketing during difficult times

During times of crisis, it’s more important than ever for businesses to reach out to customers and maintain a strong digital presence.

6 marketing missteps to avoid during a crisis

How your organization acts now and in the coming weeks will shape the way your customers think and feel about your brand.

How to identify and cater to the new content needs of your audience

This global pandemic has changed the priorities of people all over the world. Here’s how to find the content your audience needs, and how to provide it to them.

10 Content Marketing Ideas for the Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus is an unprecedented public health crisis that is changing how many businesses operate during this time. Here are 10 content marketing ideas to help your business get through the next 3 months.

How to work from home (A guide for beginner and seasoned remote workers alike)

Whether you’ve been a digital nomad for many years or this is the first time you’ve ever worked from home – we’ve got ideas for you to stay productive and positive during this challenging time.

What to expect from Brafton content marketing during COVID-19

At Brafton, our two key priorities are maintaining the health and safety of our staff, and effectively supporting you and your business’ marketing efforts. Here’s what we are doing at a company-wide level to achieve these goals.

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