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Pepsi Marketing Strategy: 4 Takeaways From 55 Years of Advertising (Infographic)


From the fable of Crystal Pepsi to the success of the Pepsi challenge, the marketing strategy of this soft drink giant over the years has plenty of takeaways for advertisers and marketers.

The Difference Between PR and Marketing & Why It Matters


What exactly is the difference between PR and marketing? Learn why every PR activity should align with your marketing efforts for an effective communication strategy.

How to Nail Your Blog Format Every Single Time


An exceptionally simple guide on how to format blog posts to maximize engagement.

Where Branded Content Marketing Fits into Your Content Strategy — with Examples


Here’s a look at what branded content is and how it fits into a content marketing strategy, with a few prime examples of branded content.

How To Get Started With Organic Marketing (Infographic)


Don’t worry, I’m not going to make a pun about organic food and organic marketing.

5 Internal Marketing Strategies to Supercharge Employee Engagement (Infographic)


Internal marketing represents the set of activities that promote an organization’s mission and objectives to its employees.

The Evolution of Marketing (Infographic)


Take a crash course in the evolution of marketing. Explore our guide covering the history of marketing and how it has evolved over the years.

The Essential B2B Digital Marketing Guide


B2B digital marketing refers to the practice of marketing products and services to other organizations via online channels.

The Inbound Marketing Funnel: A Walkthrough


In this guide, we go through the parts that make up the modern inbound marketing funnel, and then go down the funnel ourselves, step by step.