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SEO Brief: Everything You Need To Know (+One Example)


Marketing without an SEO content brief is like building houses without a blueprint. You might as well build sandcastles at low tide. With a thoughtfully structured brief template, you provide […]

How to Create a One-Pager Template That Wins Business (Infographic)


A one-pager template is the perfect way for your sales and marketing teams to ensure consistent delivery of a branded asset for every product or service you launch. Here’s how to create a template of your own.

You’ll Never Believe These 7 Clickbait Examples That Actually Work (or Not?)


There’s one secret ingredient that makes every clickbait headline work … No, there isn’t, but you got curious, didn’t you? That’s why we’ll address one of the working mechanisms behind […]

What Is Social Media Optimization? 10 Best SMO Tips


Have you ever looked at a social media account and thought of a haunted mansion? It may sound exciting at first, but really, it’s only fun to watch from the […]

The Web’s Attention-Grabbers: Structured Snippet Examples & Best Practices


Want to fully appreciate the value of the structured snippet, a Google Ads extension that enables the search engine to give readers even more information about your business? Then you […]

5 Storytelling Templates You Need to Try


Good news: You don’t have to be a creative writing expert to tell a great story. Bad news: Anyone can write a blog post, type something up for social media […]

Redesigning a Website The Right Way: A Holistic Guide To Getting Results


When you designed your current website, you probably looked at it the way I look at every pop culture reference I put into marketing content — that is, with immeasurable […]

Why Content Is Important for SEO: Everything You Need To Know


Today we celebrate SEO’s coming of age with a refined rendition of our classic hit, “Why content for SEO?”

3 Tactics to Master Website Content


Great website content writing can elevate web pages, improve site ranking and drive organic traffic. Here’s what you need to know.