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13 Types of Blog Posts to Try and Why They Work


Need to turn your blog post idea into a content type that converts? Explore the various types of blog posts and how they can work for your digital marketing.

What is Branded Content — And Why Should You Embrace It Right Now?


What is branded content? What makes this method of marketing effective, and how can you use it to captivate your audience?

20 Data-Driven Blog Post Ideas to Grow Your Audience


Here are 20 blog post ideas based on real data about your target audience to get you started.

8 Blog Post Templates To Win Over Your Audience


Let’s go over 8 of the most popular types of blogs — and how you can use them to draw in your audience.

Content Memes: 5 Tips for Using Memes in Content Marketing


It’s content. It’s a meme. It’s a content meme. How can it help your marketing strategy?

5 Interactive Content Examples Your Audience Will Love


Interactive content is sure to get your target audience engaged. Check out these examples of great interactive content.

How to Create a Product Demo Video That Generates Money (Video)


Learn how to create a profitable product demo video, and check out these great examples.

How to Create Lifestyle Content That Makes an Impact (Infographic)


All lifestyle content needs to give something to the audience – namely information, affirmation, entertainment or inspiration.

Money and Marketing: These Are The Words That Make People Spend Money (Video + Infographic)


Have you ever considered what kind of words can influence buying decisions? Or why they have that effect on people? Here’s what we know about money and marketing.