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Stop expecting your blog to be a gold mine


Want to transform your blog into a lead generation machine? First figure out the role it plays in your content marketing strategy.

5 best practices for boosting your blog ROI


Not happy with your blog performance? These best practices will give you what you need to increase your ROI.

How to craft case studies that convert


Harness the power of case study marketing by structuring them in a way that tells a story and encourages prospects to convert.

Allow subject matter experts to enhance your content creation


If you’re not leveraging subject matter experts for your content marketing, your strategy is suffering.

Is writer’s block sabotaging your content strategy?


Stuck with writer’s block? A Brafton content expert diagnoses the real issue behind your writing symptoms to get you back on track.

Why (and how) you should use social media to create content


Social media is critical in creating content, and BuzzSumo is a great way to discover shared content. Just ask Steve Rayson, director of the company.

How to post on Pulse to reach the heart of the conversation


For B2B marketers, LinkedIn Pulse is quickly becoming an invaluable tool. Learn how to create content that resonates and engages your professional audience.

The power behind customer case studies and testimonials


Your happy customers can bring you even more business when you create engaging bottom-of-the-funnel content marketing assets: case studies and testimonials.

6 secrets to creating a successful eBook


Not all eBooks are created the same, but by following these six secrets, your eBooks can best the rest.