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Content Creation Jessica Wells Russell

3 steps for mastering your brand voice through content marketing

Not only is content marketing an incredibly effective way to connect with customers, it can result in higher conversion rates at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. What does this mean for your business? No matter what industry you’re in, competition is fierce, and you must be able to cut through the chatter…. Read more »

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Content Creation Eric Wendt

Build, bond, repeat: How to develop your brand with content marketing

Branding is about more than killer collateral. Sure, pithy tag lines and eye-catching color schemes won’t hurt your sales sheets, but consumers expect more. They want a story, and a promise. They’re paying attention not just to what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it. Is your content marketing keeping up? Building a bond The… Read more »

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Content Creation Michael O'Neill

What Game of Thrones teaches us about brand development

“I watched every season of Game of Thrones and all I got was this great branding advice,” said every marketer ever. Don’t thank me, thank HBO. It’s true: There are very few places to find better brand development tactics than inside the mind of George R.R. Martin himself. And on your company’s long journey toward… Read more »

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Modern video marketing has to account for people who want to watch sans sound.
Content Creation Eric Wendt

How to Create a Killer Video Marketing Strategy Sans Sound [Video]

It’s the ultimate irony: A generation raised on cutting-edge surround sound explosions in their summer blockbusters now prefers to watch videos in silence. Charlie Chaplin would be proud. Don’t get us wrong – sound is still vital to your video marketing strategy. It’s part of what makes video such a powerful medium. However, with the… Read more »

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Content Creation Lauren Fox

This is our unique and wonderful holiday GIF resource page

Sometimes good GIFs are hard to find. These days, the ability to capture the essence of a moment or an emotion in just a few seconds of moving imagery is exactly what we need to get us through that workday hustle. Brafton’s got you covered! Feast your eyes on our latest and greatest holiday-themed GIFs,… Read more »

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