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    6 hotel video marketing strategies to try


    Here are six types of video content for hotels to use in their marketing campaigns.

    What does a PPC specialist do?


    Ever wondered what a day in the life of a PPC specialist looks like? Well, read on to find out exactly how a working day in PPC might play out.


    The most affordable SEO services for small business


    Many essential SEO practices can be completed in-house for an affordable cost.

    Content marketing across hemispheres with Kane Trezona


    Project Manager Kane Trezona bridges the gap between Boston and Brafton’s Aussie clients; here’s what he says is the most important skill for project management.

    6 social media KPIs for social media marketing mastery


    There are numerous social media key performance indicators that you can track when evaluating your campaigns. Let’s look at six that really work, and some that aren’t worth monitoring.

    Google Autocomplete with Phil Newcomb [video]


    Google autocomplete dished up some hot takes on the content marketing industry. Facebook is for old people? SEO is free? Let’s look at some facts.

    Case study questions: How to get satisfied customers to make a case for your brand [video]


    Your ability to bring a case study to life hinges upon your line of questioning during the interview. Are you asking the right questions in the right order?

    7 ideas for your next social campaign – with real examples to help you pull it off


    Switch up your strategy and keep your followers on their toes with campaign ideas that they haven’t seen from you before.

    Above the Fold episode 3:5 recap: Is social media a societal scourge?


    We’re like 75/25 in favor of saying “yes.”