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    Custom images for brand awareness: A look at our clients’ blogs


    We know visuals increase a user’s willingness to read by 80 percent – but custom visuals are more powerful than just a pretty, branded image.

    Top-of-funnel marketing tools: Content for brand awareness & SEO


    Web marketing success starts when you get on your customers’ radar through SEO and brand awareness. Here’s how to use content for these goals.

    Promotion power: Content distribution increases organic traffic 197%


    Find out how one of Brafton’s clients increased its organic search traffic nearly 200 percent with a content distribution strategy.

    Brand edge: How to design the unexpected with marketing graphics


    Visuals are an important part of content marketing success. Here’s how graphic designers turn technical, geeky and even boring topics into dynamic images.

    Write with personality: Simple language tips to build your brand


    Just as authors use certain tools to build their characters, you, too, can use the right language to build your brand. Here’s how.

    Beyond the content calendar: 4 elements of a kickass content strategy


    A good content marketing strategy is more than a calendar mapping out your publication dates. It’s an entire strategy built on goals, production plans and analysis.

    How LinkedIn became a top traffic source for a telecom company


    One of Brafton’s clients turned LinkedIn into a top source of referral traffic with an audience-focused social media strategy.

    7 branded GIF ideas for your content marketing


    You can generate engagement and show your company is hip to what’s hot by seasoning your content with pop culture GIFs. But another approach is to turn YOUR branded materials into GIFs to really make your company part of the action.

    4 signs your in-house content marketing strategy isn’t cutting it


    Here’s a list of four tell-tale signs that will help you decide if it’s time to consider alternatives to your current content marketing efforts.