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    Site Speed Primer for Marketers, Part 3: On-Page Optimization


    Check out these tips and tricks to make your website screaming fast and encourage repeat visitors.

    Site Speed Primer for Marketers, Part 2: Selecting Server Software


    Site speed is an important element in Google’s ranking algorithm. Part 2 of this series delves into picking the right server software to speed up users’ browsing experience.

    SEO tips to boost Bing rankings as Microsoft fearlessly battles Google


    For years, tools such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords have helped place Google at the forefront of search engine marketing. But it’s time for marketers to start thinking about how to boost their Bing rankings.

    A Site Speed Primer for Marketers – Part 1: Picking the Right Web Host


    Google said that site speed is an important consideration in their pagerank formula. Part 1 of this guide focuses on picking the right web host for maximum efficiency and speed.

    The Foolproof Formula for Online Marketing Success


    Follow the ideal e-business marketing formula to maximize the return on your website, encourage brand sharing and surprise and delight your customers.

    Five free SEO tools for the frugal marketer


    Specialists can offer custom consultancy and analytics, and there are a number of free tools on the web that can help marketers understand the benefits of their organic search campaigns.

    Content marketing and copyrights: Protect your words (and search ranking)


    Once you’ve put in the time and resources to develop custom web content, copyright your content to make sure your site – and your brand – get the ranking and relevant traffic you deserve.

    2011: The Year of Mobile Convergence – Prepare for the Experiential Marketing Explosion


    Between major strategic alliances in mobile and new technologies like NFC appearing in smartphone hardware, 2011 will be a catalyst for mobile marketing and connected experiences.

    Google Instant’s impact on search: Beneficial or distracting?


    Brafton business development executives Max Christopoulos and Thadd Palmer examine the effects of Instant on search (and draw different conclusions).