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What does a copywriter do? (infographic)


Copywriter, content writer. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to? Read on to get answers to this and other questions about copywriters’ roles in content marketing.

How to come up with creative content ideas


Ever wonder where talented writers come up with their most creative content ideas? Take a look and try putting these strategies to work for your content.

The anatomy of a marketing ideation workshop (Infographic)


Is “innovative thinking” a business process? You betcha.

5 keys to crafting a killer marketing case study


A good case study gets its point across, but a great case study does so with style. Here are five key steps for producing a first-rate marketing case study.

The Complete Guide to Data-Driven Content Development [Video]


If there’s one rule in marketing, it’s this: Don’t make assumptions about your audience. Data can guide your content development efforts if you know how to find and interpret it correctly.

6 inventive content marketing ideas we made happen in Q4


6 of the most inventive (and adaptive) pieces of content we’ve created in the past few months.

How to write in a conversational tone: Tips for B2B and B2C


A conversational tone can make your content marketing not only easier to read, but more successful in connecting with and retaining key audiences.

4 Ways to Make Marketing Videos While Staying Socially Distant


2020 was supposed to be the year of video marketing. It still can be. Here’s how to make live-action and other types of videos for your audience right now.

7 pro tips for content creators from content creators


A content creator is any person who creates original content for digital media with a particular end goal in mind. Here’s how to be a better one: