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The keys to writing marketing copy


Supercharge your marketing copy so it reaches your target audience every time, line by line, regardless of content type or platform.

6 themes that will shape engaging content in 2019


Best practices in content marketing are always evolving to better connect brands and audiences. In 2018, good strategies involve merging quality and quantity, focusing on the user experience and intent, and providing content in more immersive formats than ever before.

Your Guide to 16 Types of Written Content (Ebook)


Creative content writing is both a science and an art form. Executing on a sophisticated content strategy that includes the written word is not a walk in the park, and many marketers fail to understand how to pivot their approaches to each asset.

The rhythm, the pace, the mind control: Syntax in writing


Through strategic syntax variation, you can make your web content more readable and engaging.

Everything you need to know about ephemeral content marketing


Quick – this video only has two more hours before it’s gone forever!

How to leverage what your target audience is reading


What else are your readers reading, and how can you leverage that info?

Why marketers need to be the best communicator in the room


Being a marketer is like being class president: You’re the mouthpiece of your organization.

Why content is important for SEO: 2019 edition


Today we celebrate SEO’s coming of age with a refined rendition of our classic hit, “Why content for SEO?”

Artificial intelligence + content writing: What happens next?


Will AI fully replace content writers, or is there a symbiotic relationship marketers can capitalize on?