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How to create awesome content in 5 easy steps [infographic]


What makes a great content marketing strategy? It starts with awesome content.

13 ultimate tools to improve your content quality right now


Better content = better leads. And it’s all made simple with content creation tools.

Content should be expensive, like prosciutto sandwiches expensive


In 2013 there were 152 million blogs on the web, with a new blog created every half second. I’m not talking blog articles here, I’m talking 152 million individual content […]

Predicting the Future of Content Marketing


Don’t expect content marketing to move at the same pace you have witnessed over the past 10 years. If you sit pat with your current strategy, you’ll become obsolete within […]

Guess Who: How to create winning B2B buyer personas


Remember that game Guess Who? You had to narrow down a field of people to find the one your opponent had chosen. Is this person wearing glasses? Do they have […]

This is why parents make awesome content marketers


Becoming a parent changes you. One minute you’re dancing on top of a table in Cancun, the next you’re pushing a double stroller through Costco. And although swapping daiquiris for […]

The best content for every stage of your marketing funnel


Picture this: You’ve spent three years at your company. You like it, you’re doing well and you’re starting to feel confident. Not “tell-your-boss-off confident” or “show-up-three-hours-late confident,” but you’re feeling […]

The future is human: How emotional marketing works for B2B


When business decision-makers go home at night, they chop onions. They tuck their children into bed. Maybe they catch up on Game of Thrones. They wake up the next morning […]

What you need to know about customer testimonials


All too often, content marketing is all about “me.” When building content marketing strategies, it’s easy to get caught up in what you want to say about yourself – your […]