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    Social media metrics you should actually care about


    Understand what social media metrics matter most for your business.

    Your blog will increase your bounce rate (and that’s okay)


    Blog posts will boost your bounce rate, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    Eyes on the skies: How Brafton creatives craft solar content


    Find out how Brafton creatives serve the solar industry.

    It’s February: Are you using expanded text ads yet?


    Google is no longer accepting new standard text ads. Here’s what you need to know about the shift to expanded text ads.

    5 Tom Brady quotes to add to your content marketing playbook


    Check out these quotes from the NFL GOAT that can easily apply to your content marketing strategies.

    Bring the gridiron online: Best Super Bowl ad campaigns


    Want your marketing strategies to be Super Bowl-worthy? These successful campaigns provide valuable lessons for marketers to score big with your audience.

    I saw Google naked in the shower


    A lesson in learning more about Google’s ranking algorithm through researching a Google Analytics anomaly on our own blog.

    Solar assets: The sky’s the limit for solar content marketing


    Understand the power of content marketing assets at the solar industry’s disposal.

    Leading edge: The changing landscape of business marketing


    Brafton CEO Richard Pattinson dissects the transformation of digital marketing and its role now and moving forward.