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Content Strategy Eric Wendt

How to hop aboard the live video train

People love “live.” It’s the reason viewers tuned into “Saturday Night Live” even during its darkest, unfunniest years (I’m looking at you, Jim Belushi). It’s why partygoers across America take time out of their busy drinking schedules on New Year’s Eve to see what’s happening in Times Square. Live is real. It feels special and… Read more »

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Content Strategy Jeff Baker

The best marketing videos of the past 5 years

It’s excruciatingly embarrassing when a big brand tries a massive marketing campaign and epically faceplants. Remember when the Cleveland Indians had a 10-cent beer night? The tab on that gaffe was nine fans arrested, numerous injuries from thrown “objects,” and infield bases stolen and never returned. That one ended pretty sloppily, if not incredibly predictable…. Read more »

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