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Tend to the content lifecycle and your results will blossom


Giving each stage of a content lifecycle enough care and attention is essential for marketers who want to manage content to its fullest potential.

How to turn emotion into revenue with nostalgia marketing (+ 7 real-life examples)


How do brands capitalize on nostalgia? What do consumers actually crave?

23 tested methods for crafting the perfect headline [webinar]


Your headline is your chance to grab a reader’s attention. Do you know what encourages clicks and what doesn’t? In this webinar, we cover how to make a great headline, how to avoid sounding click-baity and why it all matters.

12 Ways to Do Real Estate Content Marketing Like the Pros (Infographic)


Launch a new build or upcycle your existing marketing with 12 content ideas for real estate marketers.

5 steps to a result-driven content marketing process


Here’s an all-inclusive look at the five major stages of a successful content marketing process, complete with all the important steps and nitty-gritty details you won’t want to miss.

What is predictive marketing?


Predictive analytics can support marketing and sales goals by anticipating customer trends and qualifying inbound leads.

How do iTunes podcast rankings work, really? (infographic)


Every podcaster wants to land in the iTunes Top 200 list. But how do iTunes’ podcast rankings work – and how can you refine your own podcast to increase its visibility and capture a wider audience?

A Guide to SEO Campaign Management


Wondering what you should prioritize for your SEO strategy? Or just looking for a way to set up an SEO campaign? We’ve got you covered.

8 software marketing strategies that work (ebook)


To scale rapidly, software companies need marketing strategies that apply to a global market.