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This weird world of content marketing


Easy content marketing is a whisper of the past. Much like the easy oil from the early days of the oil industry, all that remains is reserved for the most ambitious and resourceful content marketers.

Generation Z: What every content marketer needs to be ready for


Move along, millennials – it’s now all about Gen Z.

For the love of content marketing, use a CTA with graphics


You wouldn’t pair Kraft cheese slices with a $100 bottle of Pinot Noir. So why are you using a boring CTA for the eBook you spent three months developing and hoping to get $100k worth of new business?

We analyzed 181 websites: Here are the mobile vs desktop benchmarks you need to know


Nearly 4 billion people are online at any given moment. That means internet penetration has reached 52 percent of all humans alive today. Only a small sliver of these users […]

How to interpret your average session duration


Numbers don’t always tell the whole story – and that’s especially true when you’re talking about site analytics. Here’s what you need to know about average session duration.

A Content Marketer’s Guide to Creating Personas


What happens if your buyer personas don’t actually see your content? Here’s how to define and delight your content marketing personas for a more targeted content strategy.

What does it mean to blog?


Sometimes we get so wrapped up in meeting deadlines, posting content, researching and brainstorming new ideas, applying keyword research techniques and analyzing data that comes in on our website’s performance […]

Bidding on competitor keywords: Is conquesting a waste of my time?


All is fair in lovecontent and war. Just ask your competitors. Conquesting – tactically buying your competitors’ brand names and other relevant branded terms – is really a form of […]

Brafton 2017 Content Marketing Benchmark Report


We’ve examined Google Analytics data from 181 websites from 2015 to 2016 in order to establish industry benchmarks across a wide swath of web analytics metrics. The outcome of our […]